José Luis and Alberta in 1999 began developing artisanal wine tasting at home, in the year 2005 decided to make their first wine for sale; they wanted to share the essence of their profession and their journey through life.

José Luis is in charge of the field, the operational part of the winery and make vines give excellent results and to ensure that the parameters have been proposed as standard , while Alberta is the Winemaker of the winery ,responsible for the management of the processes of vinification and administration, both demonstrate their companionship and devotion in each of their bottles.

Initially José Luis and Alberta chose the best plots and designed the wines that would come to the market in 2006, the same year began a new adventure : the construction of the winery , since the summer of 2012 is open to the public for tasting and sales.

In Xecue our products are made with care , each wine has its own personality , our wines are balanced by feminine subtlety and defined male character , these particular traits are expressed on the label through the leafs, which fingerprint the vine.