Our Grenache is a 100 % rose wine, varietal grapes from the Guadalupe Valley, prepared with traditional European technique of rose wines, the color notes are presented within the range of pinks and oranges, obtained by maceration of the skins, intense floral nose, typical varietal aromas of Grenache, the mouth slightly avocado with a spark of carbon dioxide to cool off in the summer months.



Grenache 100%


Guadalupe Valley Grenache 35 years of age, with drip irrigation system with a yield of 7 ton / ha per year.


Manual harvest, fermented in stainless steel, without barrel aging, induced malolactic fermentation, proteins stabilized, 1 micron filter, bottled in 750 ml in March 2011 .

Performance Characteristics:

Alcohol: 12.70 % Alc . Vol Sugar: 5.20 g / l , Titratable Acidity : 7.50 g / l , pH : 3.70.


750 ml transparent bottle packed in boxes of 12 units

Storage time:

Briefly, 6 to 12 months after harvesting.

Winemaker's Notes:

It has a pink color, almost peach opaque notes can be found in the brown halo of the cup. On the nose delicate aromas of flowers, citrus and fresh fruits, delicate in mouth, soft and slightly sweet, bubbly and slightly acid, which adds freshness.


Serve with fresh snacks, seafood stews or alone just to cool.

Serving temperature:

8-10 ° C , it is not necessary to decant.
Production of 70 boxes